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ALV ALV 9 2011/07 REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA REPUBLIEK VAN SUID-AFRIKA APPLICATION FOR LICENSING OF MOTOR VEHICLE AANSOEK OM LISENSI RING VAN MOTORVOERTUIG Green/ Groen National Road Traffic Act 1996 Nasionale Padverkeerswet 1996 nd NB If application is made after the 22 day of the month following the expiry date of the current licence penalties for late licensing will be payable and if application is made in the following month or thereafter arrear licence fees will also be payable....
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hello everyone I want to talk to you today about your drivers license renewals I had mine done recently and it was actually very simple to do um it didnt take long either was I was in and out of the the department in under an hour so to get your license renewal done you need to go to one of the licensing departments the closest one to you please bear in mind that not all of the licensing departments are owned by the city or run by the city there theres some that is also run by the Department of Transport the closest one to me would have been on Monday but I chose to go to a city one which was in Ramberg but there are many of them including long laughter now to get your license renewed you will need to take the following with you to the licensing department you need to have your license renewal form which you can get there by the way you dont have to go and find one its a green form like this thats what youll have to fill in make sure youve got copies of your ID with you and youll need your proof of address as well and two photos now the photos are for your renewal for your temporary drivers license which will be valid for six months because theres a big backlog at the the notice department with the licensing with with the renewals of the licenses so theres going to be a bit of a problem so you need to just make sure that you take a temporary one rather so when you go through to the department and youve filled in all your stuff and youve got all your bits and pieces the cost to renew your license is a mere 300 Rand and despite what some people have said that you were going to have to rewrite your drivers license test if youve not replaced your license in many many years that is not the trip thats not the case at all however though if youve got any riff any infringement notices on your name because youve been naughty and youve been doing really really bad things like speeding then youre gonna have to pay those first they will not renew it with assets so Ramberg for instance does take credit cards or credit cards so you can go and pay any infringement notices on your credit card or your debit card and if you choose to use the post office then youre going to have to you can go sorry you can go to the post office and you can go and find out if youve got any infringement notices there so that before you get to the licensing department you can sort those out so those were quite easy to do the other thing is is that theres a new system to book your license you need to do it online you can go I think its up until the 1st of November to do the wall consists only between 800 and 1000 after that no walk-ins are going to be allowed but to book your license online there is the address so you booked it with them and you get your slot and you can go and do your license its painless its quick and easy and your in and out so I hope my video has helped you and to be able to know what to do to renew your license if youve got any questions please feel free to put...
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